five years of boz

I’ts been 5 years since we began this clan.

5 years is an ass long time.


This was our clan picture when we were fresh.

We all could’ve give up BoZ not too long after that.

But we’re still here, wait what?

Who are “we”?

From the day that picture was taken to today, members have come and gone, 99% of our current members wasn’t in the clan when that picture was taken.

Does that mean “we” have been alive for 5 years?

Yes and no. I believe that every single BoZ member has contributed in their unique way to the general atmosphere, image and reputation in BoZ. As I’ve discussed in the “Thought of clans post”, the member adapts to the expectations of the clan’s general attitude.

So, in a funny way, all of the five people in the image above are still alive in the clan; traces of their attitude and personality are reflected in every BoZ member that has come after them, because the clans reflects it’s members, and the member reflects it’s clan.

This is what I mean with the clan has been alive for 5 years. It’s the clan spirit that lives on and is going through changes, phases of troubles, but always make it through.

I’m lucky enough to have witnessed BoZ’s evolution since the start, It’s incredible to see how much it changes every year, and it’s been a blast to see how much our fellow clanmates have grown up with us, in terms of personal growth, a lot can happen with a young person over the course of 5 years. Moreover a lot of it can be witnessed even though it’s only through a chat box.


So, to every BoZ member reading this, you are important ❤ and thanks for keeping our legacy of BoZ alive.




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