State of the Clan

Looking towards the future as a clan, the leaders decided to take another look at the clan as a whole. Having stayed alive for more than 5 years, not too much has changed drastically. However, it’s become clear that some things do indeed need a change. In essence, these changes include demoting Unreal. Unreal will now be a member, per his request. We thank him for his time that he was a leader from 2012-2016. We have also cleaned up the prestige rank, demoting long-time prestige members Anothersinner and Jeff1999 down to member. Furthermore, we also removed iBltizz, OLi FiZ, iDigital, EXCL, and 1v1 due to inactivity. They will fall under the inactivity policy (just like Itman1, ATOMIC12345 and reinecke13), where if they come back anytime and want to rejoin Biohazard, they can ask a leader to rejoin without having to make an application.

With Unreal’s departure, we have been experimenting with multiple trial leaders over the course of the past week, and month. Right now, the leaders feel that there isn’t a need to rush another person into leader with the absence, and will keep 5 people as leader until later in the year.

We have also redefined who is and who isn’t a recruitment manager. The recruitment manager “rank” has officially been removed, and the power to accept and deny applications has been given to prestige members. With this, we are expecting all prestige members to be capable of the new requirements, as well as the old requirements, that have been undefined in the past. Furthermore, there have also been numerous forum changes, such as a supertopic containing all important links, as well as a new redesigned bottom half of the forum. For more information about what was changed, you can check out the changelog post on the forum.

btw still not dead 2016


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