New Forum Address and Recruitment Changes

We’ve switched forum addresses from our previous address to since our hosting domain kept on switching every other month it seems. Besides that, here’s the recruitment changes:

Before, our recruitment system was catered as such: heavy influence on applications, with only privileged outsiders getting an invitation to Biohazard. Now, we’re swapping the roles. To encourage a steady growth to the community, we want to open up Biohazard while still keeping it civil by, hopefully, making the invitation system the more appealing process. While only prestige members will be able to invite outsiders to Biohazard, this gives more incentive to become active and gives the prestige members more responsibility in recruitment. Members are still encouraged to have friends apply or get to know prestige members and leaders to “earn” an invite.
Since we won’t be fixed to any particular game as we were prior, the application system may not gain nearly enough traction as it once had when we were associated with PB2. This is the second reason as to why we’re leaning towards a more invitation-friendly manner to get into Biohazard.

Those who are invited into Biohazard can only be invited by leaders or prestige members, and must have a conversation that can be in a group or one-on-one setting, but must be conducted by members apart from those who invited them. If the interviewers decide that the person is suitable of joining Biohazard, then the person is accepted as an unofficial member. After two weeks, they will be assessed by clan members. If no issues arise within the first two weeks, then the person will be made an official member.

The application system removes the testing system as a whole, opting for a more generalized application. Once an applicant is accepted, they will be made an unofficial member. During this stage, it’s their job to be committed to acclimating themselves to Biohazard in the best way they think possible. If no issues arise within two weeks, they will remain in this process. After a month, a poll will be held to decide their fate. Unlike the previous application system, there is only one poll. If they pass, they become an official member; if they fail, they are removed from the clan, but can re-apply in two weeks.

Both methods of joining require the following (this means members are also required of the following):
– have a registered Discord account
– have a registered forum account
– be present in the Biohazard discord server

Obviously by “detaching” from PB2, we’re susceptible to one of the biggest flaws possible with a general gaming clan. How can we still restrict those to “one clan” if we’re not focused to one game only? This will bring about conflicts of interest surely, and most people will be curious to understand our viewpoint on this topic.

We will not allow members of Biohazard to be a part of other clans in games we are heavily associated with, such as PB2, and we discourage members of Biohazard to be a part of other clans in games we are casually associated with, such as League of Legends or CS:GO. We define other clans as communities of individuals with similar interests that may or may not be recognizable by clan tags, discord servers, or websites. For other games, it’s encouraged to not multiclan, as conflicts of interest will certainly arise. Due to this, multiclanning will have to be enforced on a case-by-case basis in instances. A general rule can be based upon your activity in Biohazard versus your activity in other groups. If you’re spending more time in [Evolution] discord server versus Biohazard, this could be seen as multiclanning. If you are unsure if a conflict of interest may arise, contact a leader.


Inside Wannabe Max’s head

For starters, I need to define a few things to answer the question, “Why does everyone have a personal chat, and why is it stupid?”
On Discord, you can create your own server, or “chat”. For this post, “server” and “chat” mean the same thing, will probably be used interchangeably. In these servers, you will most likely find multiple text channels and maybe multiple voice channels. So to distinguish the two terms above, Biohazard is the name of our Discord chat, and #boz, #biohazard and hunting fields are names of channels on the chat.

Why is any of this relevant?
Well, to me, I don’t understand why everyone feels the need to own a personal server on Discord just for themselves, especially while also being in other personal chats and other clan chats, where the same exact people on their personal server are. Cool, you have a lot of friends and want them all around you in one given area, but what is the point to having your own personal server when you are already in other clan chats on Discord, and have the ability to talk to the same people there? Did you also forget that Discord has a private messaging feature, where you can message friends, as well?

Just so I’m clear and I’m not being too vague in my last paragraph, there aren’t just a few of these personal chats. There’s a good amount, literally, where the person that created them either manages a clan and can just make a channel on the clan chat for , or is in all of the other other personal chats and clan chats in the community.

Better examples:

Maxydude0 has personal chat, says its for town of salem/hangout, a game that a good amount of people in GeNo play >>> why the fuck not just make a ToS channel in GeNo Discord Chat?

iSpyder has a personal chat, probably just labeled a “hangout chat”, but literally the majority of the people on her personal chat are in GeNo, or on GeNo server. You needed your own personal chat JUST TO TALK to the same people that are on GeNo clan chat?

I’m not trying to call out iSpyder or maxydude, or anyone else who has personal chats, because there are a lot, like Cyko’s, Vlad’s, Prothean’s, Digidix’s, Bananareaper’s, etc. I’m not trying to make anyone feel ashamed, but I just personally see no point in having personal chats when the people who own the personal chats share many common servers with others.

Let me give a more realistic example as to why I’m opposed to personal servers:
I currently manage the Biohazard Discord server, and another person in Biohazard, let’s say Roxxar, decides to create his own personal chat. He gives people the invite link to people on the Biohazard Discord server, and he also gives it to his other friends who aren’t in Biohazard. Seems harmless, because it totally is to begin with. Well a few weeks go by, nothing really changes. Here comes along Michaelhero, and he creates his own discord chat, and invites a lot of people from Biohazard and the community. A few weeks go by, and now there’s a decline in activity on the main Biohazard server that causes people to question if the clan is going inactive internally.

Can you start to see why personal chats are detrimental to clans?

While the clan itself isn’t going inactive, it’s perceived as it is by members inside of the clan because clan members themselves are going to personal chats made by clan members. I’m not really sure why people create personal hangout chats when, like I said earlier, there’s a PM feature, and the people in their hangout chats are also in nearly every other server they are in.

Now here’s the whole counter argument:

“I made a separate chat so I wouldn’t bother the rest of the clan/group.”, “It’s just a hang out chat for people.”

I’m sorry but did you forget that there are channels on Discord!!! Yep, that’s right, this is when those words I defined earlier come into play! Why do you need a personal chat when you are in a clan, when you can just have different channels on your clan chat, say for other games, or for other purposes? Now, as a matter of fact, most clans do have multiple channels that serve separate purposes, such as member only channels, announcement channels. Now the second “counter argument”, it’s just a hangout chat, again, what is the point to having a hangout chat when the majority of the people in the hangout chat are from your clan/ex-clan/your clans discord server/other discord servers you are on with these people?

Not to mention, the more chats you are in, the more likely it is to be balancing multiple conversations at once. I literally spent 30 minutes last night arguing with tburn that he is ChemicalX while he’s trying to play the politician card and deny everything known to existence.

Now to answer the original question, “Why does everyone have a personal chat, and why is it stupid?”

I cant answer the first fragment, but I sure can answer the second one:

  • It’s redundant to own your own personal chat when you are in all other personal chats, and all other clan chats.
  • It can make a clan that you’re already in seem like its going inactive, when more users are on more personal chats.
  • Will cause lack of unity within a clan, especially when there’s multiple chats with majority of people from your clan on there.
  • There’s a private message feature.
  • Lastly, there’s a private group message feature coming on discord, already on discord PTB…

A New Leaf

Over the course of the past month, Spirit and I have been having discussions, mainly about a possible merger idea between Genocide and Biohazard. To keep this post short and simple, and to the point, we have agreed to terms to merge clans together. While you may be nervous, happy, or scared for this, Spirit and I can assure you that this transition will be smooth. Because of this, I will still be around for a little bit after my retirement date, but not for much longer. Obviously we do expect to face some issues with this, but we should be able to handle most, if not all, of the issues that will be faced.

• With this announcement will come change, obviously. Genocide will be moving over to the Biohazard services, such as their wordpress, forum, and discord. It is a good idea to get familiar with Biohazard if you aren’t already, and to make an account on their forums as well as join their discord chat. As well, you should also switch over your PB2 tags from [GeNo] to [BoZ] as soon as possible.

☣ Biohazard Website –
☣ Biohazard Forums –
☣ Biohazard Discord Chat –

• Additionally, everyone will be keeping their same ranks in the new clan. So everyone who is a leader in Genocide will stay as a leader in Biohazard, and everyone who is a prestige member in Genocide will stay as a prestige member in Biohazard, and so on. Trial members in Genocide will not have to re-apply to Biohazard, but will become the rank equivalent in Biohazard, an unofficial member.
• In return for Genocide merging with Biohazard, Biohazard will be adopting the Genocide application process, a much less stricter application process.

By default, everyone who is in Genocide right now will be allowed to join Biohazard. If you don’t wish to accept the merger though, you will not be forced to join Biohazard, and can just leave. Before you do this, please just notify a leader that you will not be joining Biohazard post-merge. If you choose to take this route, on behalf of Spirit and I, we wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors on Plazma Burst 2.