Clan History

Introduction, In C.I, Beginning of Boz, The Start of New PB2 Era, BoZ Growth, Troubles, and Learned From Experiences were all told from the point of view of Max teabag. The Start of Chaos, BoZ Success, Start of December 2014, The Beginning of Family, and More Changes Inbound were told from the point of view of Stryde.


When PB2 was fresh, there wasn’t many clans around. The only one you would see was G$, which stood for Gangster Money. It was kind of the GSA back then, really just a callsign the majority disliked.

As I spent a lot of time in the PB2 social, Nitrobeacon contacted me asking if I’d like to join C.I, Creeping Illusions. He said it was friends only and rarely anyone would join. I went to the chat and soon got to know: Nitro himself, Wafi, Stingrey, Rambo, Double hawk killa and Teeko. Their leader was Kamikaze25, which I never saw.

In C.I

We didn’t spend a lot of time in the chat. Usually we talked in the PB2 social. Back then there was a chat in the PB2 lobby, where the games were. And there was C.I vs G$ flame wars. Although there wasn’t a player list, people would shout out “G$ sucks!!!”

The C.I website was poor and it was a confusing forum, led by a leader who we never saw. I offered making a C.I website with xat chat, but it wasn’t used. After months of Kamikaze’s inactivity, C.I started falling apart. I invited the C.I crew in a game and suggested we would create our own clan, Biohazard. They were very enthusiastic and so were I. I created the first website of Boz,

Beginning of Boz

The website was made on May 21st, 2011 and the first non-C.I member joined, Glee. After constant trouble with a member named Rambo (kept asking for moderation and continually abused), we decided to kick him. He swore revenge and created a clan called “Peacekeepers”, quickly followed up with clans like Death. Their goal was to destroy Boz.

The Start of New PB2 Era

Soon, many clans began with P.K and Death. 101st was born, led by Heart Break Kid (HBK), who was a strict and abusive admin in PB2. Then Legends was born, lead by Chubear, which became our first ally. Then RGK, Rail Gun Kings, was born, enemy of Legends therefore enemy to Boz too. Small clans like LGK, etc, followed after. I believe in mid summer, the new era of PB2 started. The alternative leader Prodawg, (RGK had split up) found a physics glitch allowing players to jump way higher than normal. This was called “self boosting”, because in Eric Gurt’s railwars, you would have to boost people up to get on the upper part. So now you could boost yourself up, “Self boosting”.

Boz Growth

Boz continued to grow and on June 10, 2011, we took the awesome picture were Me, Megatronger, Day, SmokerRacist and Cpt. Cornhusker shot in the cafe ceiling in Max teabag-gunshop. We used it as the xat background. The Boz chat was often crowded, sadly, most of them were douches. Although we got awesome people like Cahir, Neo Viper, Jerry, Argius, Jack5 and others (A member list for back then is located at Legendaryhero was offered to join many clans, but clans weren’t his thing.
RGK was killing Legends, Chubear and I decided to merge Legends into Boz, until they got on their feet. The merge lasted a few weeks until Legends managed to be independent.


Double hawk killa, which was one of the leaders, quit Boz to join Legends. When Nitrobeacon came back from a long time of inactvity, Nitro made a clan called Subzeroids, and that was the reborn of the original C.I. StingREY and Wafi dropped out of Boz and joined SZR, Subzeroids. And when 3 leaders leave, there is a domino effect. Shenko and I were supposed lead Boz but it ended up being me and Toklo45. The regrowth was quick. Jerry, who was in Legends joined Boz back as a leader, and Stryde, who was Toklo45’s friend was also promoted as leader.

Learned From Experiences

Toklo45 left the clan after trouble with abusing the owner status. He made new clans to try to destroy BoZ, similar to what happened with Rambo. We did a good job to make sure not too many people left as a domino effect. Ever since the toklo incident, the clan has been stable and we have been using only the xat site, until late September when we made a wordpress website.

The Start of Chaos

As BoZ was growing interest fast in PB2, “wars” were going on between GSA and EKAT. At first, BoZ never really cared about a recruitment process or multiclanning, which led us to have a member list of 120+ people within 2 weeks. Our member list was weeded down to about 75 players by the time this was over with. During the PB2 war era, BoZ tried to avoid getting involved, due to the fact that both sides were being stupid. GSA and EKAT were both clans that attracted a lot of newbies to them mainly because they recruited anything that could type and shoot a gun. Max and I, on the other hand, decided to create a recruitment process fit for BoZ that sorted out newbies from experienced players. This recruitment process was ran off of the wordpress for a couple of months until I suggested we use a forum so our members can comment and see the applications as well.

BoZ Success

As BoZ grew and as old enemies were put behind us, new things were coming. The forum made communication much more easier. The forum grew more of an importance for the clan than we ever would have imagined. As the clan grew, more leaders were needed. Glee was the first person chosen as a leader who has been in the clan for a while, little bit over 3 years. X Mechanic and Nexir were made leaders shortly after bringing the total amount of leaders to 6. We have had many people on the top 100 players list, top 100 map developer’s list, and also a good amount of players representing the PB2 Staff Team. When people left the clan, they seemed to rejoin again shortly after. More people were applying to BoZ ever before, and at this point, we have about 700 total applications submitted to join the clan between our old and new forum, and 40+ clan members who have proven to be loyal so far.

Start of December 2014

December was just like a normal month in 2014, until halfway through the month, when BoZ and Envy started having merger talks. They really were starting off as jokes, but both sides really took interest after a week or so. After two weeks of contact between the leaders of the clans, the merge was agreed upon. On December 30th, Envy merged with BoZ. With both clans having a no multiclanning policy and many other similarities, it wasn’t hard to see the success from merging shortly after. The merge took place before the new year to provide the latest birth to the two similar clans under one name, BoZ. Now, we have seen more growth in applications and players trying to join BoZ today.

The Beginning of Family

With Krutz stepping down to handle real life issues, and with everyone else “growing out” of PB2, Blake, who was originally going to be made a leader after I left for college, was made a leader ahead of time. Even before this, though, this clan turned into something more than a clan. This still didn’t change anything in the clan, for the most part, but change was evident. Biohazard was growing into a family. Something I personally never understood is why these new clans all claim they’re “brothers”, or “family”, when they’ve literally been alive for two weeks or a couple months. With PB2 ultimately dying and Biohazard soon approaching it’s 5th year anniversary, it’s clear that you it’s the people you surround yourself with that make up a clan, and that’s what it’s all been about.

More Changes Inbound

Later in the year, we made a massive change that ultimately led to leaving xat. We switched off of xat, due to numerous issues, and started to experiment with a new chat similar to TeamSpeak, Mumble and Skype called Discord. We’ve had plenty of memories on xat, including SNSS, banning sprees, and many, many events. Discord, however, seemed like the optimum choice. I guess Discord caught on so much, almost every clan uses it now, as well as PB2. Seems like everything we do, clans copy, huh?