Chat Changes

After the recent skype poll on whether or not we should keep our skype chat, the majority of clan members have voted to remove the skype group.

With the removal of the skype group, our backup chat(s) will be one of the two chats, most likely in this order:

  • our previous xat chat
  • our forum chatbox

discord stuff

If you claim that you’ve been “banned” or “kicked” it’s most likely not that situation. There is a feature in discord called Pruning, which automatically clears inactive members off the list of invited people after x amount of days.


Also, please don’t be asking leaders or recruitment managers to look at applications, or spam other members in PM. The more you spam them, the less they will respond. The more you annoy them, the more likely you are TO be kicked from the chatroom.


so plz stop

hi guys

we’re still alive for the public

btw, 2 clan events on forums, can be found under Announcements section, last day to sign up is tomorrow


– Updated Awards
– Updated Clan History

– Points System Updated

next post will be about 5th yr anniversary


On the thought of clans

I like to discuss abstract ideas that are systematized by people. Previous post “Inside Max’s head” discussed the definition of a good PB2 killing-map. This time I will discuss the definition of a clan. And some problems PB2 have with this.

First of all. Why is the definition of a clan even relevant?
Well, for example, in Plazma Burst 2, being in a clan is not allowed when applying to be a member of staff. This is a really unprofessional solution, and makes for unfair ways in the PB2 community.
I think posting this could give new ideas for the “No-multiclanning” rule a lot of clans have these days.

Let’s start off what the Wikipedia page about “Clan (video games)” says:
“In computer and video gaming, a clan, guild or faction is an organized group of players that regularly play together in particular (or various) multiplayer games. These games range from groups of a few friends to 4000-person organizations, with a broad range of structures, goals and members.”

Now we already encounter problems with the definition. When it says “You can’t be in a clan” on PB2 staff or a clan site, would that mean any clan at all? Like a small Starcraft clan with your friends or maybe a 2000-man clan that plays various games on steam?

Naturally, the answer would be no. Because we define multi-clanning only when you’re in another clan that is specifically for the same game/community. That makes sense, because your attention/loyalty goes only to ONE clan when your focus is on e.g PB2. We don’t care what clans you are in call of duty, that doesn’t affect us.

So far so good. But how about when a clan is not specifically a PB2-clan, but plays PB2 as a clan once in a while, among with a lot of other flash games.
Now things start to get a little complicated. Where goes the line between a CLAN THAT PLAYS PB2 and a PB2 CLAN?

Well, the most clear way to settle it is the amount of involvement/representation that clan has in the game. If the clan represents it’s tag/logo/name in the game and involves actively in the community, that means It’s a PB2 clan. If it’s just a bunch of clan-mates that happens to be playing PB2 together, it’s a clan that plays PB2.

Although the exact amount of involvement in the community for the clan to be recognized as a PB2 clan is unclear, I think it’s fine to hop on to the next problem for now.

Something to think about. What is the minimum effort for BoZ to do to be considered “not-a-clan” by the PB2 community, therefore its members be able to join staff?
Remove clan tags? Well, we’re still an organized group, we would still represent our clan in other ways.
Remove logo, clan tag, and website? Now we’re just an organized group with a private forum and chat. There are plenty of groups within PB2 that have forums and chats, that isn’t considered a clan. The problem is that we don’t allow multi-clanning, so that makes us easy to be categorized as a clan, so I would suppose we would have to remove that as well.

Before I go any further I’d like to reflect on what the purpose of clans is in PB2. For those who think clans are the cancer of the community, It’s actually the cornerstone of the total activity. Firstly, It’s human to want somewhere to belong. Actually, let me rephrase that, we don’t want it, we need somewhere to belong. Maybe totally not “need” when it comes to a flash game community, but there are connections. Without clans there would be less reasons to behave. You have a reputation in every community, there’s no real reason to care about it in a flash-game community. When there are clans around, you build a reputation to be able to join the clans you want, and once you are in the clan, you will want to represent the clan in a positive manner, and encourage your next clan mates to do the same. This is why a clan name, tag and a logo is important. Without it, there would be no way for the public to determine who’s connected to whom, and therefore people wouldn’t care to represent themselves according to the clan behavior.
If you join a highly-respected clan, and wear their tag/color, you will be treated with respect and behave respectfully in that community.
Clans also encourage more activity in the game among members and makes the game more competitive. Clan leaders can encourage members to be even more respectful,active and contributing to the game itself and the clan by handing out ranks that grants the member more power and respect. So a clan is a nice place to have somewhere to belong, make friends, play more together, gain reputation and respect within that group.

The next thing to demonstrate would be having clan traits without labeling itself a clan. I will be using the “Revivalists project” as a dummy as this example. (Sorry!)
First off, “Revivalists project”(R) is a project that have people sign up and wear a tag to increase activity in Plazma Burst 2. Now let’s see how close R is an actual clan, it has:
A name: Revivalists
A tag that members use on their profile (Represents the revivalists)
A Youtube channel
A member’s list
A logo
A leader(s)
IS A Organized group of people that shares a common interest to frequently play toghether
A forum post
A private chat(?)

To be fair, R is more of a clan than a lot of so called PB2-clans that label themselves as clans. These guys are actually playing together! The only difference is that they don’t label themselves as a clan.
Remember I talked about what the minimum BoZ had to do to be not labeled as a clan? Let’s do the opposite, what would the maximum R can do and still not be labeled as a clan? Honestly, by looking at it, It’s far beyond that point, but I guess the power of labeling is strong in the PB2 community. If the R-leader would just mention the word “clan” once in the thread, everyone would say “Ah, of course, a clan”.
Could the revivalists group make a WordPress site, even application forms, ranks, a forum? Where does the line go?

In a lot of ways, they are a PB2 clan. Just think about it. I talked earlier about the effects of wearing a tag and a color. EVEN if the revivalists doesn’t label themselves as a clan, there will still be an effect when people wear the tag. This is important. Yes, when you are on the same members-list as someone, wear the same tag and share a skype chat, something happens. There is a psychological effect of seeing someone with the same tag, that makes your brain think you are on the same team as him. Maybe you should treat this person like one of your own. These thoughts are very subtle, perhaps non-existent for certain individuals, but it’s there. It doesn’t matter what your leader has decided to define you as, you are now a part of something bigger, something that brings people together, a place where people have common goals. When you are already in a clan, and start participating in this, this *can* quickly become your second home, and then eventually you pay more attention spreading the R-name more than your clan’s name. This is why BoZ is skeptical for our members to join. This is why I think it’s unprofessional by the PB2 staff to allow R members but not other clan-members, it’s just because of the label.

Just a final note, ever since staff has made the “no clan” rule, the staff has become more and more like a clan itself, translating the rule to “no multiclanning”. This is one of the issues with the current staff.