PSA: we aint dead yet

monthly (lmao not even monthly) reminder that we aint dead, why y’all gotta assume we are  😦


Chat Changes

After the recent skype poll on whether or not we should keep our skype chat, the majority of clan members have voted to remove the skype group.

With the removal of the skype group, our backup chat(s) will be one of the two chats, most likely in this order:

  • our previous xat chat
  • our forum chatbox

discord stuff

If you claim that you’ve been “banned” or “kicked” it’s most likely not that situation. There is a feature in discord called Pruning, which automatically clears inactive members off the list of invited people after x amount of days.


Also, please don’t be asking leaders or recruitment managers to look at applications, or spam other members in PM. The more you spam them, the less they will respond. The more you annoy them, the more likely you are TO be kicked from the chatroom.


so plz stop

hi guys

we’re still alive for the public

btw, 2 clan events on forums, can be found under Announcements section, last day to sign up is tomorrow


– Updated Awards
– Updated Clan History

– Points System Updated

next post will be about 5th yr anniversary